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Letter From the Mayor

Last month's well attended Town Meeting was a great success, the high point of the Town Meeting was the Citizen's Appreciation Awards Ceremony; wherein the Mayor and Town Council of Landover Hills expressed appreciation to Town Residents for their participation in the programs and activities of the Town of Landover Hills during the recent period. The following Residents were award recipients:

C. Arthur Blair

Teresa Blair

Gloria DeFreece

Michael Herr

Andrew Holloway

William Kley

Jeffrey Schomisch

Nickisha Shell

Eugene Skinner

Sheila Skinner

Mike Walker

Tracey Wyche-Atkinson

Last month's Citizen Appreciation Awards ceremony which has been an activity of the Town of Landover Hills for a number of years, was also a part of the "Municipal Government Works" program as stated in last month's Chronicle newsletter.

Also present at last month's Town Meeting was Senator Gwendolyn Britt, who gave an overview of the Legislative session that recently ended. Senator Britt also commented upon legislation that was passed regarding the closing of the infamous Stardust Inn, which was greatly supported by the Town of Landover Hills. Prince George's County Sheriff Michael A. Jackson was also in attendance at last month's Town Meeting. Sheriff Jackson gave a presentation regarding some of the activities of the Prince George's Sheriff's Department. Mr. ken Laurey, Director of the Prince George's County Office of Community Relations was also in attendance at the Town Meeting with his wife. Mr. Laurey commented upon the activities of the Prince George's County Office of Community Relations, including outreach to the Latino community. The mayor of Landover Hills commented upon Commission 2000, which was established by the Prince George's County Council and which he participated in; also, how the Commission 2000 recommendations that were approved by the Prince George's County Council, such as, development of the Annapolis Road (Route 450) corridor are now coming to fruition. There was a great deal of information disseminated during last month's Town Meeting.

The UniverSoul Circus, which has been coming to the Landover Hills Capital Plaza Mall for several years will be back again this year, from May 25th- June 12th, 2005. The Wednesday May 25th and Thursday, May 26th, 7:30 p.m. performance will be "Landover Hills Nights at the Circus". In recognition of this special occasion, the UniverSoul Circus will be selling special discounted tickets that normally sell for $20.50 at the discounted price of $15.00.

Last year the UniverSoul Circus provided approximately 2000 complimentary tickets to residents, including area schools and churches. Additionally, the Mayor of Landover Hills was able to arrange employment for approximately thirty-five youth with the UniverSoul Circus as ushers.

For further information about the UniverSoul Circus see the flyer which is included in this edition of the Chronicle.

We are greatly saddened by the tragic loss of a Landover Hills resident due to a fatal automobile accident. The accident occurred at the intersection of Annapolis Road (Route 450) and Route 410 (Veterans Parkway). The same intersection that the Mayor of the Town of Landover Hills has brought to the attention of the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration on a number of occasions.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family of the late Carol Hankins.

The next Town Meeting will be held on Monday, May 16, 2005, at 7:30 p.m.

Mayor Lee. P. Walker

Town Council Calendar

Council Workshops

Monday, June 6, 2005, 7 pm

Town Meetings

Monday, May 16, 2005, 7:30 pm

Monday, June 20, 2005, 7 pm

Landover Hills' 60th Anniversary

The Town of Landover Hills will celebrate its 60th Anniversary on September 10, 2005. It was thought that giving both old and new residents a glimpse into the history of the Town would give everyone a greater appreciation of the Town's journey throughout the years.

Part 4

In the early years, residents of Landover Hills had to pick up their mail at the old Landover Post Office. Later the mail was brought to the model home in town and delivered by the sales agent or the first resident who came by to pick up their mail. As the volume of mail grew the Association saw the need for action and set about to find a solution to the postal service problem. It sought for door-to door delivery but this was turned down by the Post Office Department. Instead each resident was required to place a mail box on the highway at the entrance to town. The mail boxes went up but the Association protested the decision of the Post Office Department and continued to work for door-to-door delivery. Two drop mail boxes were installed in town, one at 71st Avenue and Annapolis Road, and one at 71st Avenue and Varnum Street. Door-to-door mail delivery was begun in November 1941. The first post office was established on May 16. 1945 at 4419 72nd Avenue in the home of Edward and Ann McEntee. The back wall of the kitchen was converted into a walk-up window where postal business could be conducted. Mrs. McEntee provided the much needed service to the town. Four years later the post office moved to Oliver's store where it remained until the Landover Hills Shopping Center was expanded and provided space for a full scale post office. The building was used until 1970 when the new Landover Hills Post Office went into operation at Ardmore Road and Buchanan Street.

More next month!


Trash Pick-up Schedule


PG County recycling collections.

Town Household waste collection

Wednesdays: Bulk Trash pick-up


Town Household waste collection


Any questions or concerns regarding recycling pick-ups in Town should be directed to 301-952-7630.

Firefighters Wanted


YOU can be part of a team that saves lives everyday

Volunteer for the Landover Hills Fire Department to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Firefighter.

The Landover Hills Volunteer Fire Dept., is a division of Prince George's County Fire Dept., is looking for dedicated volunteers in the community, young and old, to help us with our vital mission.

Benefits Include:

Free Training * Live-in Program* Tax Benefits Retirement Plan* Experience of a lifetime

To find out more

Daytime call Nancy at 301-583-1914

After 6 pm call Tom at 240-832-8689

or Email at


LHVFD Hall Rental

The Landover Hills Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Social Hall is available for business luncheons, buffets, banquets, christenings, showers, reunions and birthdays. Catering is available for your special event. For more information call Nancy at 301-583-1914, pager 301-4542562 or e-mail


The Talking Badge

Chief Henry Norris

LH decals are now available to all residents living in the Town of Landover Hills. The decals will be made available to any resident living within the incorporated area of the Town of Landover Hills. The decal will not give you special parking privileges but it does help the police by indicating that the vehicle belongs to a Landover Hills resident. If your vehicle is ever stolen this reflective decal will help the vehicle to stand out at night for identification by the police.

The decals are absolutely free! All you need to do is to bring your vehicle registration to the police department. We ask that you place the decal either on your rear bumper or on your back windshield in the lower left corner. For further information call: 301-773-6400.

Unregistered, inoperable, abandoned, or vehicles with expired or suspended tags.

We have been sending code enforcement notices out to homeowners to let them know if a problem exists on their property. Most of these notices concern vehicles being stored on the property that are either unregistered or have out of state tags. If you have an unregistered vehicle on your property you must either tag it with current Maryland tags or you can put it in an enclosed garage or you must remove it from the property. If you would like to donate the vehicle to a charity, the following list should assist you in doing so:

Vehicles for Change 1-800-835-3821

Melwood 1-877-635-9663

Salvation Army 301-403-1704

Kars for Kids 1-877-236-6283

Cars for Sight 1-800-324-8796

Volunteers of America 1-800-948-1414

Americans Car Donation Charities Center 1-800-513-6560

If you have an out of state tag, you have sixty days from the date you move into the State to tag your vehicle in Maryland or if you are here temporarily you can get a parking permit from MVA for $20.00. DON'T FORGET, THE FINE FOR HAVING AN UNREGISTERED, ABANDONED, INOPERABLE VEHICLE OR A VEHICLE WITH SUSPENDED TAGS, IS $200.00

Parking on the grass. You may think this is trivial but it does affect the appearance of the Town and there is an ordinance against it. If you do not have a driveway constructed of gravel, asphalt, concrete or concrete runners you cannot park in your yard. You must also have a curb cut to make a driveway. The fine for parking in your yard is $50.00 per vehicle. AND WE DO SEE THE VEHICLES BEHIND HOUSES!!!

Loose Dogs. We have recently had several loose dog complaints. Your dog must be kept on a leash or behind a fence. If the dog can get out of the yard and wanders up and down the street, even though it may go back home, it is considered a dog at large. You may know your animal but no one else does. Only the dog knows if it will bite someone or jump on them, knocking them down. If your dog is at large, we will contact you. If the dog is at large again, animal control will be contacted to pick the dog up and issue citations to the owners.

Bicycle Helmets - Remember, if you are a Town resident and you need a bicycle helmet, the Landover Hills Police Department will give you a helmet for your child. We ask that the parent accompany the child to receive the helmet and to have their bicycle registered.

Need the police? We are dispatched by Prince George's County Communications. Dial 911 in an emergency, dial 301-333-4000 for incidents that need police assistance.