Landover Hills Chronicle

Letter From the Mayor

A word of thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the Landover hills "National Night Out" activity held on Tuesday, August 2, 2005. This event was a great success. Among those who came out and participated in the Landover Hills "National Night Out' were: County Councilmember Thomas Hendershot, Delegate Doyle Niemann, Victor R. Ramirez, Mr. Bill Boston from Congressman Albert Wynn's office, Mr. Conley from the County Executive's office, and officers of the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department.

A special word of thanks to Landover Hills Police Chief Henry Norris and the entire Landover Hills Police Department, in addition to Ms. Juanita Hood; also Ms. kathy Tavel, Town Manager, Councilmember Michael Thompson, who was at his usual post serving up hot dogs and soft drinks, with the help of

former Councilmember Andy Holloway who cooked the hot dogs, Councilmember Sara Washington who helped out at the Landover Hills Neighborhood Watch table, in addition to Mr. C. Arthur Blair and Mrs. Teresa Blair. Also, Mrs. Joyce L. Walker, who helped out at the information table with Ms. Shirley Weatherspoon. The participation of Vice Mayor Jeannette Ripley, Coucnilmembers Richard Shipp and Michael Walker is also acknowledged.

Another word of thanks to everyone who came out and contributed to the success of the occasion.

Congratulations to this year's Landover Hills Mayor's Scholarship recipients, Christina M. Walker, Emily S. Tavel and Tony R. Wilson. Best wishes for your continued success.

The Landover Hills Day 60th Anniversary Celebration committee is making progress in plans for Landover Hills Day, on Saturday, September 10, 2005. The committee will hold its next meeting on Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 7 p.m. Anyone who wishes to be part of this committee should call Town Hall at 301-773-6401.

The Landover Hills Neighborhood Watch program will hold its next meeting on Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 7 p.m. All persons who have not submitted their surveys are requested to so.

The Landover Hills Community and Learning Center Coalition, which recessed for the month of July, will resume meeting on Sunday, August 14, 2005 at 4 p.m. Anyone who desires to participate should come out on the above date.

The Tacos 5 restaurant located on the corner of Annapolis Road and 72nd Avenue owned by Ms. Maria Balderas, will soon be open for business. The Mayor of Landover Hills was able to assist the Tacos 5 restaurant in obtaining a table and a soft drink machine at no cost, from the soon to be demolished Capital Plaza mall. The grand opening will soon be announced.

The upcoming Landover Hills Town Meeting will take place on Monday, August 15, 2005, at 7:30 p.m.

Town Council Calendar

Town Meetings

Monday, Aug 15, 2005 @ 7pm

Monday, Sept. 19, 2005, 7 pm

Council Workshops

Monday, Sept. 12, 2005, 7 p.m.*

Monday, October 5, 2005, 7 p.m.

Note: Meeting day is changed due to the Labor Day holiday.


Landover Hills' 60th Anniversary

The Town of Landover Hills will celebrate its 60th Anniversary on September 10, 2005. It was thought that giving both old and new residents a glimpse into the history of the Town would give everyone a greater appreciation of the Town's journey throughout the years.

Part 7

In the early years recreation in the area was practically nonexistent. The clubs, church groups and the various committees provided some recreational activity for adults but children were virtually left out. Yards, streets and open spaces were either too muddy or uneven for spontaneous play activities. A group headed by Bill Zundell received permission to clear a portion of the school property for a playground. The land was so rocky and hilly that the task was found impossible with the equipment available. Mrs. William Tracey received permission to use the proposed shopping center site for ball games. Volunteers cleared a large area and ball games gave pleasure for adults and children. The Landover Hills Men's Softball Team held regularly scheduled games challenging similar teams in the county.

On November 12,, 1942, Boy Scout Troop 251 was chartered, naming the Landover Hills Citizens Association as sponsor. Mr. Howard Saitz of the National Area Council presented the charter to Mr. Curtz, President of the Citizens Association. The first scoutmaster was Mr. Swoard, followed by Mr. Edward Marr and assisted by Mr. Quinn Smith.

Girl Scouts and Brownie Troops were organized and many talented and dedicated women provided leadership and interesting activities to the girls of the community. Mrs. Howard Seitz was the organizer and first leader of this troop. She was followed by Peggy Sauer, Pat Elliot and many others.

Sleigh riding during the cold winter was a fun time for the children. Two streets were blocked, fires were made in barrels and with adult supervision a great time was had by all.

60th Anniversary


The Town of Landover Hills is in the process of planning its 60th Anniversary activities for September 10, 2005. Anyone in Town who belongs to an organization that would like to participate in the parade, have an information table, be a food vendor or provide entertainment, please contact Kathy at Town Hall at 301-773-6401.

Neighborhood News

Our sympathies are extended to the family of Nancy Pilkerton on the death of her mother Mrs. Agnes M. Scott who passed away on July 16, 2005 Mrs. Scott was the mother of John V. Scott, Margaret A. (Robert) Whalon, Mary A Bowling, Elizabeth S. (Thomas) Lawrence, Edith M. Chapin, Catherine S. Patterson, Thomas W. (Nancy) Scott, Nancy L. (James) Pilkerton, Joan M. Scott and Jean M. Scott. She was also grandmother of 22, great- grandmother of 19 and great-great grandmother of 2. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Our sympathies are offered to the Pilkerton families of 71st and 72nd Avenue on the death of Francis Jesse Pilkerton who died on July 13, 2005 at the age of 82.

Our sympathies are offered to the family of Claudio Oswaldo "Ozzy" Perez of 71st Avenue who passed away suddenly on August 3, 2005. He was the son of Nelly and the late Ernesto Perez. He leaves behind his wife Joy Perez, 3 daughters, Jozy, Allison and Alley. Brother of Sony, Juan, Christina, Sara, Jaime, Fernando, Guido, Gonzalo, Angela and the late Lucho. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Attention Ward 3


An Afternoon with your Councilman Mike Thompson


Councilman Michael Thompson, your Ward 3 Councilmember, invites residents of Ward 3 to an afternoon to share food (hot dogs/ hamburgers) and conversion. Let your Councilman know of your concerns and join him on Sunday, August 21, 2005 from 11 am to 4 p.m at 7117 Buchanan Street. Please RSVP at 301-577-4658 by August 15th to conform your attendance.

Ward 2 Councilmember Gary Rowe Steps Down

The following letter was received from Councilmember Rowe on Tuesday, August 2, 2005.

To Mayor Walker, Councilmembers, Town Manager, Police Chief, Town Attorney and the Citizens of Landover Hlls,

It is with deep regret that I send this letter of resignation. When I first began as a Councilmember, my job was located only 10 minutes away, with very little concern with traffic. The current job I have in Fairfax, has presented quite a challenging commute for the past several months. Each Monday when there are meetings, it has been extremely difficult to get there on time. In fact I have had to arrange my schedule to leave extra early on numerous occasions, only to find myself barely making it on time, and sometimes still late. More recently my responsibilities have increased, making it more inflexible than in the past.

In the past couple of months, I have also come to realize it has been difficult to keep up not only with issues that affect the Town of Landover Hills directly, but others that impact us from the surrounding communities. This along with family issues and responsibilities has made it very difficult to give residents of the Town of Landover Hills the attention it deserves.

Nevertheless, I am very appreciative of the support that each and every one of you gave me. I am grateful that I had such an opportunity to contribute to the quality of life in the Town of Landover Hills and I haven't ruled out the possibility of return one day.


Councilmember Gary Rowe

Ward 2

Ward 2 Council Seat Vacant

The Mayor and Council are seeking qualified applicants to fill the Ward 2 Council seat vacated by Gary Rowe on August 2.

To be qualified for this position, you must 1) have resided in Ward 2 for one year prior to the appointment, and 2) be registered to vote.

If you are interested in filling this position until the 2007 election, please write a letter expressing your interest and qualifications to the Mayor and Council, addressed to the Town Hall. The Mayor and Council will appoint someone to the seat after interviewing all applicants. If you need some clarification as to what ward you reside in, please contact Town Hall at 301-773-6401.

Upcoming Events

\Landover Hills 60th Anniversary Celebration

will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2005 beginning with a parade at 11 a.m. The parade will be followed by entertainment, music, information tables, displays, food vendors and much more. Keep your calendars open for this special event.

"Planning a Bright Future for our Main Street, Route 450" The next ARIBA meeting will be Friday, September 2 at 7 p.m. at Landover Hills Town Hall, 6904 Taylor Street, Landover Hills.. Visit ARIBA's website:

Landover Hills Neighborhood Watch Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 7 p.m. at the Landover Hills Town Hall, 6904 Taylor Street, Landover Hills.


Trash Pick-up Schedule


PG County recycling collections.

Town Household waste collection

Wednesdays: Bulk Trash pick-up


Town Household waste collection


Any questions or concerns regarding recycling pick-ups in Town should be directed to 301-952-7630.

Firefighters Wanted

YOU can be part of a team that saves lives everyday

Volunteer for the Landover Hills Fire Department to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Firefighter.

The Landover Hills Volunteer Fire Dept., is a division of Prince George's County Fire Dept., is looking for dedicated volunteers in the community, young and old, to help us with our vital mission.

Benefits Include:

Free Training * Live-in Program* Tax Benefits Retirement Plan* Experience of a lifetime

To find out more

Daytime call Nancy at 301-583-1914

After 6 pm call Tom at 240-832-8689

or Email at

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Paramedics will turn to a victim's cell phone for clues to that persons identity. You can make their job much easier with a simple idea that they are trying to get everyone to adopt: ICE.

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. If you add an entry in the contacts list in your cell phone under ICE, with the name and phone number of the person that the emergency services should call on your behalf, you can save them a lot of time and have your loved ones contacted quickly. It only takes a few moments of your time to do.

Paramedics know what ICE means and they look for it immediately. ICE your cell phone NOW!

LHVFD Hall Rental


The Landover Hills Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Social Hall is available for business luncheons, buffets, banquets, christenings, showers, reunions and birthdays. Catering is available for your special event. For more information call Nancy at 301-583-1914, pager 301-4542562 or e-mail

Blood Pressure Screening

In an effort to promote the County Livable Communities Initiatives, the Landover Hills Volunteer Fire Department is conducting Blood Pressure Screening for the public.

In addition to the daily assistance they provide, they will be setting aside one Saturday per month, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to encourage citizens and residents to come to the fire station and have their blood pressure taken and recorded by members of the Fire/EMS Department. Every third Saturday of the month will be dedicated toconducting blood pressure screening between the aforementioned hours.

A screening card will be completed and given to each citizen so they may maintain a record of their blood pressure. Additionally, personnel will provide citizens with a survey card to obtain feedback so changes can be made as necessary.

Personnel will not provide opinions or advice regarding medical issues. They will simply record the information for you and refer you to your primary care physician. If a citizen is in need of immediate medical care, all proper medical protocols will be taken.

Anyone having questions may contact Chief Roberts at 301-773-1447 or the Advanced Emergency Medical Services (AEMS) at 301-583-1860

LH Decals


Have you gotten your LH decal for your vehicles? The decals will be made available to any resident living within the incorporated area of the Town of Landover Hills. The decal will not give you special parking privileges, but it does help the police by indicating that the vehicle belongs to a Landover Hills resident. If your vehicle is ever stolen, this reflective decal will help the vehicle stand out at night for identification by the police.

The decals are absolutely free! All you need to do is to bring all your vehicle registrations to the police department. We ask that you place the decal either on your rear bumper or on your back windshield in the lower left corner. For further information call: 301-773-6400.

The Talking Badge

by Chief Henry Norris


Commercial Vehicles -

The Following Information Is Very Important If You Drive a Commercial Vehicle and Park it in Landover Hills. The Following Is a Prince George's County Zoning Ordinance.

27-441 (b) (8)Parking or storage of commercial vehicles on residentially zoned property is restricted to one (1), which may not exceed 17,000 pounds manufacturer's gross vehicle weight specification. If the vehicle contains advertising in letters exceeding 4 inches in height, advertising other than a firm name, or similar designation, exceeds 300 cubic feet of load space, exceeds 8,500 pounds manufacturer's vehicle weight specification, has dual rear axles, or is a stake platform, dump, crane or tow truck, it must be parked in a wholly enclosed garage.

For further information to find out if your truck meets zoning regulations, please call 301-883-6130 and ask to speak to a zoning inspector.

Section 9804. Parking restrictions for certain vehicles.

A. No person shall stand or park or allow to stand or be parked the following vehicles on any street, public right of way or public property except temporarily while actually loading or unloading persons or property or while associated with work being performed on the adjacent premises;

1. Pick-up truck or any vehicle with a capacity larger than 3/4 ton.

2. A tractor -trailer truck or the tractor or trailer component of a tractor- trailer truck for the purpose of this sub-section, the term "tractor- trailer truck" shall mean a transportation system consisting of a tractor and trailer; the term "trailer" shall mean a vehicle that is mounted on at least four wheels and is not self-propelled and is designed and constructed primarily to carry property and has a load capacity in excess of seven hundred feet.

3.Any trailer or other vehicle without motor power.

4.Any bus or any house trailer for sleep or dwelling purposes.

5.Any vehicle which leaks grease, oil, or other corrosive substances.

6.Any vehicle that;

A.Is greater than eighty inches in width, including all protrusions except side mirrors;

B.Two hundred forty inches in length from bumper to bumper;

C.Is visibly being used for storage; or

D.Is a boat or boat and trailer.

B. The Town Manager may grant a thirty day permit for parking not in strict compliance with this section 9804 pursuant to section 9811 of this code. As to a boat and trailer, the Town Manager may grant a permanent exception under the conditions outlined in section 9811 so long as a resident demonstrates that his/her dwelling has no driveway or area to park the boat and trailer.

National Night Out - We participated in National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2, 2005. We had a very good turn out despite the heat. I would like to thank everyone that participated in National Night Out. Remember, keep those porch lights on every evening, it helps to light the night and deter criminal activity.

Bicycle Helmets - At National Night Out, Officer Cayard registered numerous bicycles and gave out bicycle helmets to many children that did not have them. The Landover Hills Police Department has bicycle helmets for any child in the Town of Landover Hills that does not have a helmet or has not already received one. Parents, please bring your child to the police station during the administrative office business hours, Monday through Friday 9 am until 5pm. If you receive a bicycle helmet from our department we ask that the parents make sure that their child wears the helmet every time that they ride their bicycle.

It's Hot Outside!!! Please, please, please never leave your child or pet in an enclosed vehicle, without you or a responsible adult. During the summer months the temperature inside an enclosed vehicle can reach in excess of 150 degrees.

School will be back in session on August 29th. If your child rides a school bus, remind them when they are at the bus stop to stay out of the street. If there is a sidewalk they should stand on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, they should stand in the grass area near the curb. The police department received numerous complaints last year from motorists concerning children in the street at bus stops. If at all possible, please walk your child to the bus stop and wait until they board the bus.


Report Calls for Service


7/1/05 7200 blk Taylor St

theft of lawn equipment

7/1/05 7000 blk Annapolis Rd

vehicle impound

7/2/05 Annapolis & 71st Avenue


7/2/05 6900 blk Annapolis Rd

vehicle impound

7/4/05 7000 blk Annapolis Rd

warrant Service

7/5/05 7000 blk Varnum Street

breaking and entering (commercial)

7/5/05 7200 blk Annapolis

vehicle impound / warrant service

7/6/05 7000 blk Annapolis Rd vandalism

7/6/05 Parkwood St & 71st Avenue vehicle impound

7/7/05 7100 blk Varnum St vehicle impound

7/7/05 71st Ave and Taylor St vehicle impound

7/7/05 6900 blk Annapolis Rd vehicle impound

7/8/05 7100 blk Annapolis Rd DWI arrest

7/9/05 7000 blk Varnum St breaking and entering (commercial)

7/9/05 4200 blk Varnum St recovered property

7/11/05 Beall St & 70th Avenue


7/12/05 Parkwood St & 71st Ave

Field Observation

7/13/05 6900 blk Annapolis Rd

Veh Impound

7/16/05 6900 blk Annapolis Rd

Veh Impound

7/18/05 7000 blk Annapolis Rd

arrest / stolen tag

7/18/05 7200 blk Annapolis Rd

Veh impound

7/19/05 7000 blk Annapolis Rd

Field Observation

7/20/05 7000 blk Annapolis Rd

Theft of Services

7/20/05 7100 blk Annapolis Rd


7/20/05 3900 blk 72nd Avenue

Field Observation

7/23/05 7000 blk Annapolis Rd

Veh Impound

7/23/05 72nd Avenue and Varnum


7/27/05 3900 blk 72nd Avenue

Recovered Stolen Auto

7/28/05 7400 blk Buchanan Street

Recovered Property

7/28/05 7200 blk Annapolis Road

Veh Impound

7/30/05 7000 blk Annapolis Road


7/30/05 70th Avenue Taylor St

veh imound

7/30/05 7000 blk Annapolis Road

suspicious person