Landover Hills Chronicle
Landover Hills Newsletter May 2003

Letter From the Mayor

Recently, there have been a number of comments regarding the construction of traffic barriers by the Maryland State Highway Administration, which have been in place for approximately three months now; at the intersection of Maryland Route 450 (Annapolis Road), Greenvale Parkway and 72nd Avenue. The majority of the comments have been positive. The traffic barriers are part of a temporary study, to determine if there has been a reduction in the number of traffic accidents since construction of the barriers; which includes the numerous persons who have been struck by automobiles making left or right turns onto Annapolis Road, and automobile collisions resulting from motorists speeding to get through the intersection before other motorists could make a left or right turn; in addition to the two unfortunate fatalities, the last being this past December of 2002.

In reviewing past editions of the Landover Hills Chronicle Newsletter (Letter from the Mayor articles), it will be found that there are several editions which contain articles regarding the dangerous intersection of MD Route 450 (Annapolis Road), Greenvale Parkway and 72nd Avenue. More than five years ago, there is , there is inference that the Town of Landover Hills Mayor and Council members discussed the situation as a result of many pedestrians being hit by automobiles, making left or right turns onto Annapolis Road; in addition to automobiles collisions resulting from motorists driving at excessive speeds.

On two occasions the Mayor met with the District Engineer of the Maryland State Highway Administration, whose District includes the Landover Hills vicinity. Both meetings included meetings at the intersection in question. During that particular point in time, other options which might have resulted in a safer intersection were being considered; one of which included a push button red light for crossing Route 450. The option was reportedly rejected by persons in a neighboring community for sundry reasons, and removed from consideration. Recently the situation at the intersection intensified to the extent that the matter was revisited, in meetings with the Town of Landover Hills elected officials, Chief of Police, a Citizen Association President, State Highway Administration officials and Prince George's County officials, in addition to letters being written to the Governor and other persons.

The result of the letters and numerous meetings was an agreement to construct the current traffic barriers preventing left turns. I might add that the State Highway Administration stated that the traffic barriers would be constructed, however a specific date was never given; therefore, the Town of Landover Hills and other neighboring communities could not be made aware of the change in traffic patterns.

As another point of information, it was reported by the State Highway Administration officials that a portion of Route 450 would soon be refurbished; similar to the construction done in two other jurisdictions, Kenilworth Avenue and Landover Road. Fortunately, funds were not cut from a portion of the Route 450 (Annapolis Road) project area which includes a portion of the Landover Hills vicinity.

The next Town Meeting will be held on Monday, May 19, 2003, at 7:30 p.m. The newly elected officials will be sworn in at that time. Come out and participate.

Mayor Lee P. Walker

Town Council Calendar

Council Workshops

Monday, June 2, 2003, 7 pm

Monday, July 7, 2003. 7 pm

Town Meetings*

Tues. May 19, 2003, 7:30 pm

Tues. June 16, 2003, 7:30 pm

Upcoming Events


.7th Annual Main Street Antiques, Arts and Craft Show, Sat. June 7, 6th and Main Streets, Laurel. Juried show, regional artisans, antiques, entertainment, food and appraisals. Presented by the Friends of Laurel Main Street. Held rain or shine. 10-5 p.m. 301-725-7539.

National Fishing Day, Sunday, June 8. National Wildlife Visitor Center, Laurel. Fishing for kids under 16, demonstrations, wildlife tram tours. 12-4 pm 301-497-5760.

Jazz on the Portico, Wed.,June 25. Riversdale House Museum, Roverdale. Join us for intimate jazz concerts on Wednesdays throughout the summer. 7 p.m. FREE 301-864-0420.

Landover Hills Baptist Church's 3rd Annual Community Day, Saturday, June 21st 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Join us at the corner of 73rd Avenue and Buchanan Street. Fun for the whole family! Free Games, Prizes, Face Painting, Balloon Art. Free Refreshments: Hot Dogs, Chips & Soda. Information booths- Health, Fire Department , Police and more! Help those in need!! Bring a non-perishable food donation and learn how its distributed. For more information, call 301-577-6700.

Public Works Service Schedule


Grass and yard waste collection.


PG County recycling collections.

Town Household waste collection



Town Household waste collection

Bulk Trash: First and Third Wednesday's of the month.


There is a $20.00 charge for the removal of appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, hot water heaters and air conditioning units. Payment must be made in advance of removal.


Any questions or concerns regarding recycling pick-ups in Town should be directed to 301-952-7630.

Grass Notices

Over the past few weeks, over 40 tall grass warnings were sent out to homeowners. Only one warning will be issued per calendar year, after which a municipal infraction will be issued carrying a fine of $25.00.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito is a very aggressive day-biting mosquito which has become a serious pest in Landover Hills. It is a black mosquito with white stripes on the legs and a white stripe down the middle of its head and back. It is very aggressive and will bite whenever people or animals are available, but it is also skittish and hard to swat. Often, you will not feel it biting and it tends to stay near the ground (you may get bitten on the legs only).

This mosquito lays its eggs in containers or holes in trees. It is closely tied to human habitation and any container in your yard which will hold even a small amount of water for a week or more can breed the tiger mosquito.

Keeping this mosquito controlled in Landover Hills will take an organized clean-up effort. Please check your yard for water holding containers such as:

Either empty, store or rinse these containers out weekly. Don't forget rain gutters- these can breed large numbers of mosquitos if not cleared so that they flow.

The State's mosquito control program cannot adequately control this species due to its habits. It breeds in containers in peoples' yards which cannot be treated and nighttime spray operations are not very effective for the tiger mosquito because it rests in sheltered areas which the spray will not reach.

We've had a very wet Winter and Spring and are bound to have a large mosquito population this summer. Everyone needs to make an effort to keep their yards are water free as possible, so that everyone can enjoy their backyards throughout the summer season.

The Talking Badge

Chief Henry G. Norris


When Spring arrives, everyone begins to move their activities outside so that they can enjoy the weather. Spring also brings parties, barbecues, graduations, baptisms, etc. The nice thing about having your own home is having a yard to enjoy. But along with that enjoyment, we must always remember the other people that live around us.

Last month there was a party in Town and even though the residents stated that they would not have loud music, they did and numerous complaints were called into the police department. When you have an outdoor get together, make sure the music that you have is limited to entertaining your guests and not neighbors on the next street. What may seem like enjoyable music to you may not be enjoyed by others. We think we know our neighbors, but we are not aware of our neighbor's bed time, small children, elderly family members, family members that are ill, etc. Please be considerate of others. If you do have a party with music and the officer on duty feels that the music is too loud, you will be asked to turn it down, just once. After that you will be asked to turn the music off and possibly to end the party.

The Landover Hills Police Department is a participant in the Prince George's County Safety Task Force. The Safety Task Force has an ongoing campaign to encourage drivers and passengers to "Buckle Up". Please remember to use your seat belt and to place children in safety seats and booster seats. It's the law!! Violators will be ticketed.

I wanted to address a couple of issues concerning two laws that have been on the books . The first is "Right Turn on Red". Our red light cameras have been activated by numerous drivers making a right turn on red. Our phones are constantly flooded with callers confused about the reason that they received a ticket for making a right turn on a red light. So we would like to remind you what the law states. You may make a right turn on a red signal after making a complete stop at the white line. This means that you have to stop all forward motion of the car and then proceed to make your right turn. Most drivers are slowing down, not seeing any traffic and then rollingl around the corner. This is running a red light. If an officer saw you doing this, he could issue you a $120 ticket and one point against your license. Remember, you must stop completely.

The other matter is stop signs. Our officers have been issuing numerous citations for stop sign violations. Drivers are slowing down at stop signs, seeing no traffic, and then rolling through the stop sign. You must come to a complete stop at the line, all forward motion of the car stopped. If you do not stop completely, you will be issued a $70.00 citation and one point against your license.

Finally, anyone that is under the age of sixteen must wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle and obey the same rules of the road that cars must follow. We will be holding a bicycle rodeo in the very near future to teach children about safety and traffic rules for bicycle riding. All participants will receive a bicycle helmet.