Landover Hills Chronicle
Landover Hills Newsletter May 2002

Letter From the Mayor

This point in time is a very important period in our history, it is a time when a number of candidates will be seeking your endorsement and your vote for various elected offices. It is also a time when you as a citizen will have an opportunity to exercise your civic responsibility on September 10, 2002, which is the day of the primary election, and again on November 5, 2002, which is the day of the general election.

You must keep in mind that unless the candidate or candidates of your choice receives the required number of votes during the primary election, they will not be able to participate in the general election on November 5, 2002.

Here are some thoughts to help guide you in your decision regarding who you will support and/or vote for:

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg, there are a number of other factors to be considered.

Lately, there have been a number of automobiles stolen from the area, there have also been cases of carjacking. Two of the criminals involved in these activities have been captured by the police. It was found that these persons were not only from out of this area, but also out of the state.

In view of this situation, residents are requested to remember the following:

You can also get involved in your town government and stay informed by attending Town Meetings. The upcoming Town Meeting will be on Monday, May 20, 2002, at 7:30 p.m.

Lee P. Walker

Town Council Calendar

Council Workshops
Monday, June 3, 2002, 7 pm

Monday, July 1, 2002, 7 pm

Town Meetings

Monday, May 20, 2002, 7:30pm

Monday, June 17, 2002, 7:30pm

If you have a disability and require any aid, services or removal of barriers in order to fully participate in a Town of Landover Hills meeting or event, please call Town Hall at 301-773-6401.

Upcoming Meeting Agenda

The proposed tax rate and trash fee will remain the same for the 2002/2003 budget year.

Upcoming Events

St. Mary's Car Raffle & Family Day- St. Mary's Catholic Church, 7401 Buchanan Street, Landover Hills, MD, will hold it's annual Car Raffle and Family Day on Saturday, May 18 from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Burgundy Room. Admission is free. There will be games, raffles, entertainment, food and lots of fun.

Landover Hills Baptist Church 2nd Annual Community Day
Saturday, June 8th, 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Rain Date Saturday, June 15th)
Fun for the whole family! Free Games, Prizes, Face Painting, Balloon Art, Health Information Station, Fire Department & Police Information, plus more!
Free Refreshments: Hot Dogs, Chips & Sodas. For more information call 301-577-6700

The Magical Land of Oz, A musical performed by children for children of all ages. Performed by New Hope Academy's Ballet and Cultural Dance Center Friday, May 31 at 10 am and 12:30 pm and Sat. June 2, at 11am and 7:30 pm. Publick Playhouse, Landover Road, Cheverly For more information, call 301-459-7311

Children's Bingo, Cottage City Fire Company, 3840 Bladensburg Road, Cottage City, Maryland. June 8, 2002 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Children's games $5.00 a book. All winners will receive a prize. Adult games- single sheets sold for a $1.00 a game. Each adult game will be split 50/50. Last game is winner take all. Food and drinks sold during bingo. Pizza, fries, juice, etc.

Farmer's Market at Riverdale Park Town Center. May 16, 2002 - October 31, 2002.

Every Thursday from 3:00pm to 7pm. Fruits, vegetables, jams, honey, baked goods and more. WIC vouchers for fruit and vegetables honored beginning in June. For more information, call Pat Gladding at 301-927-1362 or the Riverdale Park town office at 301-927-6381.

Riverdale Choral Concert at the Strawberry Festival. Sunday, June 2, 2002 at 6pm.

The Seasonings by P.D.Q. Bach/Schikele. Oratorio for soprano, alto, tenor and bass soloists, Mixed chorus and orchestra. Riverdale Presbyterian Church, 6513 Queens Chapel Road, University Park, MD. 301-927-0477. Admission free.

Neighborhood News


A citizen of our own has become an Eagle Scout. Joseph Smith III of Landover Hills and of Troop 1657 of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, has earned the highest rank in Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout. He has lived in Landover Hills with his parents Joseph Jr. and Rosalyn Smith since 1988. Joseph's service project consisted of organizing and gathering items such as toiletries, non-perishable items, and clothing for two children's shelters. The response to give was so great, that the project expanded into providing additional items to three other shelters. Joseph is a sophomore at Fairmont Heights High School.

In addition, Marc-Anthony Branch, a resident of Lanham has also become an Eagle Scout. He is also a scout of Troop 1657, First Baptist Church of Glenarden. His affiliation with Landover Hills was his service project. Marc-Anthony organized and instituted the rebuilding of the Landover Hills bike path and clean up around the area. Marc-Anthony with the assistance of other scouts from Troop 1657

( Joseph Smith III, Derrick Branch, Elliot Dubose) and family and friends, rebuilt the railing and cleared debris from around the trail. The trail is now accessible, safe and cleaner than ever. Marc-Anthony is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. These two young men are positive examples for our youth.



Public Works Service Schedule


Grass and yard waste collection.


PG County recycling collections.

Town Household waste collection.


Town Household waste collection.

Bulk Trash: First and Third Wednesday's of the month.


There is a $20.00 charge for the removal of appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, hot water heaters and air conditioning units. Payment must be made in advance of removal.

Bicycle Safety Tips

1. Obey traffic signs and signals-

State law requires that bicyclists follow the same "rules of the road" as cars.

2. Always wear a helmet- State law requires that all bicyclists 16 years and younger wear a bike helmet.

3. Never ride against traffic- Motorists aren't looking for bicyclists on the wrong side of the road. State law and common sense require that bicyclists drive like other vehicles.

4. Avoid road hazards- Watch out for parallel-slat sewer grates, gravel, ice and debris.

5. Use lights at night- The law requires a white headlight (visible from at least 500 feet ahead) and a rear reflector or taillight (visible up to 300 feet from behind).


The Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is a very aggressive day-biting mosquito which has become a serious pest in Landover Hills. It is a black mosquito with white stripes on its legs and a white stripe down the middle of its head and back. It is very aggressive and will bite whenever people or animals are available, but it is also skittish and hard to swat. Often, you will not feel it biting and it tends to stay near the ground (you may get bitten on the legs only).

The mosquito lays its eggs in containers or holes in trees. It is closely tied to human habitation and any container in your yard which will hold even a small amount of water for a week or more can breed tiger mosquitos.

Keeping this mosquito controlled in Landover Hills will take an organized community clean-up effort. Please check your yard for water holding containers such as:

Either empty, store or rinse these containers out weekly. Don't forget rain gutters- these can breed large amounts of mosquitos if not cleaned so that they flow.

The Asian Tiger Mosquitos that are plaguing this area can carry West Nile Virus. It is up to everyone to eliminate all water sources to prevent breeding.

One sign that West Nile Virus may be in an area is the discovery of dead birds, especially crows and starlings. If you should find a dead bird that has no visible signs of injury, please call 1-866-866-2769. This a hotline number set up by the State of Maryland. They will direct you on what to do with the bird.

The Talking Badge

By Chief Henry G. Norris Jr.

The month of April brought some criminal activity to Landover Hills that we have not seen in the past and I would like to talk with you about these incidents.

We experienced a carjacking Sunday, April 28th during the evening hours on 71st Avenue. When the victim came home she noticed a strange vehicle, which was occupied, on the street near her house. When she got out of her vehicle, she was approached by the suspect who was armed with a shotgun and they took her vehicle.

On Tuesday, April 30th on 72nd Avenue at approximately 12:45pm, a resident returning home noticed the suspect vehicle parked on the street next door to his house. When the victim parked his vehicle he was approached by the suspect who would not let him exit his vehicle. The suspect was armed with a shotgun and robbed the victim. The victim called the police and gave a good description of the suspect and the vehicle he was driving, including his tag number.

When the lookout was given for the suspect vehicle it was determined that it was the vehicle that was taken in an earlier carjacking on 85th Avenue. Approximately ten minutes after the armed robbery another carjacking occurred in the 7500 Block of Buchanan Street. The suspects fit the same description of the suspects in the 85th Avenue carjacking and the 72nd Avenue armed robbery.

The suspect vehicle was located by Prince George's County Police at Route 410 and Route 50 and was followed, Cheverly Police Department chased the vehicle to D.C. where the driver of the vehicle was apprehended and arrested. From that arrest, the tag of the 71st Avenue carjacking was recovered as well as the van from 85th Avenue and the property belonging to the victim of the 72nd Avenue armed robbery.

On Thursday, May 2nd at approximately 10:00 p.m. on 70th Avenue another carjacking occurred. Again, this victim noticed a man standing on the street two houses down from her. She parked her vehicle and was approached by the suspect who was armed with a handgun and her vehicle was taken. The vehicle was located by Prince George's County Police who gave chase and the suspect was apprehended after a foot chase.

The incidents on 71st Avenue, 85th Avenue, 72nd Avenue and Buchanan Street were all related. The suspects were from Washington D.C. The suspect in the 70th Avenue incident was from New York. It appears that the individuals committing these crimes are working as a team.

I cannot stress to you enough to be familiar with your surroundings. Unfortunately, our officers cannot be everywhere at the same time. Therefore you must be mindful of your street and who should be there. If you are coming home and you see an occupied vehicle that is not familiar to you or you notice an individual(s) standing on the street near your home, drive past your home and call the police. Dial 911 for emergencies and 301-333-4000 for non-emergencies. Try to give the call taker as many details as possible, such as make, model and color of the vehicle as well as a tag number, how many people are in it, and their description, if possible.

I met with the Prince George's County Police Department to see if there are any additional steps we can take and I am happy to say we will be working together on this problem. But we need your help, the residents, by being our eyes and ears. Together we can make Landover Hills a safe place to live.

Classified Ads

The Town of Landover Hills is now accepting paid advertisements from local businesses. The cost of a 2"x 3" (1/3 column) ad is twenty dollars ($20.00) per publication. If you are interested in placing an ad, please call Town Hall @ 301-773-6401, Monday through Friday, nine to five.