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Landover Hills Newsletter May 2001

Letter From the

For more than five years now there has been concern about the need for a facility in the Landover Hills vicinity, where the increasing number of area youth could go after school hours to participate in wholesome activities. Over the past three years the youth population in the Landover Hills vicinity, which includes the areas outside of the corporate boundaries of the Town of Landover Hills, has more than doubled. In past years, letters have been received from youth who live within the Town of Landover Hills, requesting and in some instances pleading for a place where they could go in the area to engage in wholesome activities; as opposed to congregating or "hanging out" in the streets. There have also been numerous concerns and complaints by residents about youth congregating in the streets and impeding motorists' progress while the motorists attempts to maneuver past them. These kinds of situations have also raised safety concerns about the youth who congregate in the streets and about the law abiding motorists who drive within the speed limit; in addition to the motorist who places pedestrians at risk by driving at excessive speeds through Town. All of these situations have been addressed in prior editions of the Chronicle.

As a result of these kinds of concerns, the Mayor and Council recently agreed to promote the concept construction of a Community and learning Center, as opposed to a Recreation Center, in the Landover Hills area. The neighboring civic associations in the area of Bellmeade, Radiant Valley, Glenridge and Woodlawn, have been invited and have agreed to work toward bringing the concept of a Community and Learning Center to fruition.

The Mayor and Council met with representatives of the neighboring civic associations at Town Hall on April 23, 2001. The next joint meeting will be on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 7 p.m. All concerned persons have been invited to come out and participate.

The primary focus of the Community and Learning Center would be directed toward youth, not only in the area of athletics; there will also be opportunities for youth to widen their horizons by learning new skills. Several residents with expertise have agreed to work with youth in this area.

The Community and Learning Center, however will not only be for youth, there will also be activities for Senior Citizens as well as other segments of the area population.

The Mayor has testified before the Prince George's County Council and the Prince George's Park and Planning Board on behalf of the Landover Hills Community and Learning Center.

The proposed features of the Landover Hills Community and learning Center would include a gymnasium, for individual and team community sports activities, aerobics, a weight room for weight training and cardiovascular activities, multi-purpose rooms for meetings, an office area to be used as office space and a storage room.

There are those who say why do we need another center, we have too many now, or we have the newly constructed Sports and Learning Center which, as recently stated in the Washington Post Newspaper is less than three miles from the Landover Hills area.

Some responses to these nay sayers would be first of all, there is no such facility in the Landover Hills vicinity that is easily accessible for youth or Senior Citizens; secondly, unless the Washington Post article in referring to about less than three miles as the crow flies, the Sports and Learning Center at Fed Ex Field is actually six and three quarter miles from the Town of Landover Hills in terms of ground miles.

There are a number of positive merits for the need of a Community and learning Center; one would be that the minority of youth who might engage in criminal activities could be saved by being steered in a positive direction through involvement in a Community and Learning Center. This would make the parents of these youth happy and -, members of the law enforcement community happy.

Persons who live in the Landover Hills vicinity and who see the need for and wish to support the concept of a Landover Hills Community and Learning Center, are urged to show their support; by signing a petition favoring the construction of a Landover Hills Community and Learning Center. Petitions are available at the Town of Landover Hills Town Hall. Further information about the Landover Hills Community and Learning Center can be obtained by calling (301) 773-6401.

Senator Paul Pinsky, who represents the Landover Hills vicinity has been invited to the Town of Landover Hills Town Meeting on June 18, 2001. Senator Pinsky will speak about the recent legislative session and other issues of importance. Mark the date on your calendar, come out and participate.

The next Town Meeting will be on Monday, May 21, 2001. Residents' participation is expected and welcome,

Mayor Lee P. Walker


May 8
Election Winners

Ward 1 Terry Wilson

Ward 2 Roderick Kennedy

Ward 3 Michael Thompson


Town Council

Council Workshops

Monday, June 4, 2001 @ 7 pm
Monday, July 2, 2001 @ 7 pm

Town Meetings

Monday, May 21,2001 @7:30
Monday, June 18, 2001@ 7:30


Senator Paul Pinsky

will be speaking at the Monday, June 18, 2001, Town Council Meeting. Mark your calendars and plan to attend!

If you have a disability and require any aid, services or removal of barriers in order to fully participate in a Town of Landover Hills meeting or event please call Town Hall ~ 301-773-6401.

May Birthday

Carolyn Coker 5/2

Joseph Smith 5/5

Jerry Smith 5/10

Daniel Hulbert 5/11

Patricia Wholey 5/11

Katrina Davis 5/11

Andrew Holloway 5/13

Cathy Hulbert 5/15

Matthew Schomisch 5/17

Helen Bell 5/18 Mike Rackey 5/19

David Britt 5/20

William Kley 5/20

Juanita Hood 5/22

Robert Holbrook 5/23

Sylvia Over 5/23

Arthur West 5/25

William Snowden 5/25

Patricia Lawrence 5/26

Brian Fong 5/27


Neighborhood News

A belated birthday wishes go out to Ms. Phyllis Robichau who celebrated her birthday on April 16th!!.

Congratulations to former resident Henri Verdel, currently of Hagerstown. Mr. Verdel recently completed the design and painting of a mural entitled "Roses for the Wild Mary" that has transformed a bridge and underpass in Hagerstown into a work of art. The bridge mural project has been nominated for a Neighborhood USA single neighborhood award. Henri Verdel is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Verdel of Allison Street and the son-law of Mr. & Mrs. Richardson of 72"d Avenue.

If you have a student who is graduating this June, give us a call at 301-773-6401 and will include them in next month's newsletter.


Upcoming Events

May 19-20- 2001 Andrews Air Show-Defense Department/Joint Services Open House. Andrews Air Force base, Camp Springs. Aircraft displays, Air Show, demonstrations, activities for kids. 9-5 (Gates open at 8am) Free. 301-568-5995.

May 30- 8*" Annual National
Senior Health & Fitness Day-
Fitness activities, health screenings and fun. Free for seniors (55+). 10-3 pro. Watkins Park, Upper Marlboro. 301-218-6700.

June 2- BowieFest held at Allen Pond, Northview Dr, Bowie, from 11 am to 6 pm. Entertainment, crafts, concessions, a dog show, children's dales and For more info cell 301-809-3011

June 9- Roman Days on the grounds on the Marietta House Museum, 5626 Bell Station Road, Glenn Dale, from 10 am to 4 pro. Features of the fourth annual encampment of Roman legionaries, a tactical demonstration, fashion show, interactive activities, vendors and food. Call 301-464-5291.


Public Works Service Schedule


Grass and yard waste collection


PG County recycling collections

Town Household waste



Town Household waste


Bulk Trash: First and Third Wednesday's of the month


There is a $20. 00 charge for the removal of appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, hot water heaters and air conditioning units. Payment must be made in advance of removal.


The Asian Tiger Mosquito has been a problem in Landover Hills for a few years. Mosquito season is upon us and its time to review what can be done to reduce mosquito annoyance in your backyard and the risk of mosquito borne diseases.

As little as one-half inch of water in a discarded can or container will support dozens of mosquitos.
The entire Town needs to make an effort to eliminate places for mosquitos to breed. Please do your part.


Community Legacy

The State of Maryland recently announced a "Community Legacy" program. This program is designed to assist urban neighborhoods, suburban communities and small towns that are experiencing decline and disinvestment, but have potential, with modest public and private investment to be vibrant places to live and work.

Over the next few months, the Town of Landover Hills will be working on the application to be designated as a "Community Legacy" area. Becoming a "Community Legacy" town will enable the Town to apply for grants that can be used for a variety of revitalization needs.

One part of the application process aks for input from the residents of the area. In particular, what they (the residents) feel would help the community to be more attractive both physically as well as a better place to live. Please call the Town, drop us a note or e-mail us at with your suggestions. We are looking for suggestions along the line of:

Any suggestions that you can think of would be appreciated. A public hearing will be held in July asking for more input from residents.

Code Enforcement

The purpose of code enforcement is to keep Landover Hills an attractive' community that does not give.-the appearance of being run down. When a community has junk cars, overgrown grass, peeling paint, etc.; it invites unwelcome visitors and crime. We're not here to hassle but to help.

We would like to bring your attention to some of the things we look for when we drive through the Town. Try to do a self examination of your property and see if any of the items mentioned pertain to your home or property. If you find a violation and you are working on correcting it, please call and let us know. We will note it in our files and work with you.

If by chance you receive a letter or a violation notice, please note the compliance date. This is the date that the violation must be corrected by. If you need additional time, please call the office, we will work with you.

Thinqs we look for:

1) Tall grass and weeds

2) Trash, debris and junk lying around the exterior of the house and in the yard. This includes the porch area.

3) UNREGISTERED, UNTAGGED, JUNKED VEHICLES (if they are under a tarp or cover, they MUST BE TAGGED). If your vehicle is housed in Maryland you must have the vehicle registered in Maryland or you must have a non-resident parking permit from the Motor Vehicle Administration.

4) Peeling paint on windows, porches, exterior of the house, trim on the house, sheds and garages.

5) Erosion: areas that need grass or ground cover planted to keep the soil from eroding.

6) Screens: did you know that you must have screens on open windows and doors?

7) Parking on the grass area of the yard. You must park in an improved driveway. This means the driveway must have gravel, asphalt or concrete. You cannot park in the grass portion of your yard.

8) Cracked, curling, missing shingles on roofs.

9) Fences: Is your fence standing upright or is it about to fall down? If the fence is wood,

are all of the beards intact or are they rotten or possibly missing?

10) Dead trees.

The Town Code covers many other areas, but the aforementioned are the violations that are cited most often.

Do you own a dog? Remember dogs and cats are required to be licensed with Prince George's County Animal Control and they must have their rabies shot. Don't forget the leash law! "It shall be unlawful for the owner or custodian of any animal to permit the animal to run at large or be at large". (printed from the summary of

Prince George's County Animal Control Laws.

And for the final topping: Trash must be placed in a receptacle with a lid. If you need a new recycling bin, please call: 301-952-7630.


The Talking Badge
Chief Henry Norris

May flowers and along with May flowers are several items which I would like to bring to your attention.

First, we had another pedestrian struck by an automobile on Annapolis Road. She was wearing dark clothing and did not cross at a crosswalk. She received numerous injuries from this accident, I would like to ask everyone if they are going to walk across Annapolis Road that they wear light colored clothing and try to cross at a crosswalk preferably at a traffic signal. The Town is corresponding with the State Highway Administration in an attempt to improve the lighting, crosswalks, and sidewalks to prevent further accidents with injuries.

Second, we had a vandalism by graffiti at 71st and Taylor Street. Two young juvenile females were arrested for this incident. The paint used in this graffiti was taken from a pick-up truck on Shepherd Street. We would like to let everyone in the neighborhood know that there is approximately sixteen cans of spray paint out there some where and that if you see anyone spray painting, please call the police department. The next place they spray paint, might be your place or your car.

Third, there was a break-in at a house on Taylor Terrace where the suspects went through the back of the house and items of property were taken. This occurred during daylight hours and we would like to have anyone that sees anyone walking around during the daytime, possibly school age teenagers, to contact the Landover Hills Police Department.

Fourth, the week of May 12 - 19 is National Police Week. For any residents who have never been at the Police Memorial Event in Washington, D.C., this is a worthwhile event to attend. This is your opportunity to thank those police officers and their families who have made the supreme sacrifice for your communities and neighborhoods. For any resident that flies an American Flag at their house, on May 15th the flag should be at half staff for Fallen Police Officers.

On a final note: since the re-paving of the roads in Landover Hills, numerous residents and non-residents have been stopped for exceeding the 25 mph speed limit. Maybe its because the road surface is now without bumps and potholes or maybe its because of inattention. Whatever the reason, we would like to suggest that everyone remember the speed limit in the majority of residential areas is 25 mph. This is your town and your children that might be struck by a speeding vehicle. So we urge you as a driver, to obey the speed limit and as a parent, to instruct your children about walking or riding a bicycle on the roadway.

The Landover Hills Chronicle continues to accept ads for publication. The cost for business ads $20. 00 per month. Items for sale can be advertised at no charge.

The Child and Family Training Network, Inc
Is your child ready for the upcoming school semester?. Does he or she need specialized instruction to reach their academic potential? C.F.T.N. has Tutorial Workshops that will focus on developing and/or enhancing your child's *Reading,*Spelling, and *Math Skills to enable them to be successful in any endeavor.

For further information, please contact

Sheila Skinner 301-772-5734

Upcoming Open House on May 18, 2001



Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day


Town Hall offices will be closed Monday, May 28~. There will be NO yard waste pick up that day.