Landover Hills Chronicle
Landover Hills Newsletter March 2002

Letter From the Mayor


Since the incorporation of the Town of Landover Hills, there have been a number of Town Residents who have served this nation as a member of the military service, inclusive of the period dating back to World War II. Many have paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the freedoms that are now enjoyed, which are all too often taken for granted. A plaque was designed some years ago, in recognition of Veterans from the Town of Landover Hills, which many Town residents are not aware of. This plaque is presently located at the main entrance to Town, behind the two flags and sign post, out of view under branches that have grown out over the years.

Several years ago there was discussion about erecting a fitting memorial to Veterans who reside in the Town of Landover Hills. During the Town Council Workshop held on Monday, March 4, 2002, the subject of a Veterans memorial was revisited by the Mayor and Council. As a result of this discussion an ad hoc committee was established by Mayor Walker, including Town Councilmembers Roderick Kennedy and Richard Shipp.

A request is now being made to any and all Town residents who would like to lend their expertise to this effort. Interested residents are asked to please call Town Hall or any of the persons mentioned above, to express their interest in the Town of Landover Hills Veterans Memorial Project; and leave your name and phone number(s) where you may be reached.

As a result of the response shown at the last Town Meeting held on February 19, 2002, the Town of Landover Hills Neighborhood Watch program has been re-instituted. The first meeting of the Neighborhood Watch Program will be held on Friday, March 8, 2002 at 6:30 p.m. When this edition of the Chronicle is received the meeting will have been held, however, ample notice will be given via the Landover Hills Chronicle News, Channel 71 and the Town's web page, for residents who would like to participate in future meetings.

It is important to note again, that participation in the Neighborhood Watch Program must be a consistent effort, not one that will only last until the immediate problem or issue is resolved.

Councilmember Terry A.B. Wilson, is coordinating this effort. For further information call Town Hall or Councilmember Wilson and leave your name and phone number(s) where you may be reached.

There is more good news regarding the Town of Landover Hills Police Department. Two additional Landover Hills Police Officers were sworn in during the Town Meeting held on February 19, 2002; bringing the Town of Landover Hills Police force to full strength in terms of numbers of officers. Positive remarks are still being heard regarding the Town of Landover Hills Police Department. The two officers that were sworn in are Sargent Earl Ercoline and Officer Edward Fraser. Welcome Sargent Ercoline and Officer Fraser.

Town residents' participation is welcomed and encouraged regarding the activities mentioned above, as well as the upcoming and future Town Meetings.

Participation at the last Town Meeting was very good, let's continue this effort.

Mayor Lee P. Walker

Town Council Calendar

Council Workshops
Monday, April 1, 2002 @ 7pm

Monday, May 6, 2002 @ 7 pm

Town Meetings
Monday, March 18, 2002@7:30 p

Monday, April 15, 2002@ 7:30 p

If you have a disability and require any aid, services or removal of barriers in order to fully participate in a Town of Landover Hills meeting or event please call Town Hall @ 301-773-6401.

Upcoming Events


Landover Hills Annual Easter Egg Hunt- Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 11 am. (Arrive approximately 10 minutes before hunt begins). Prizes for gold and silver egg. All ages welcome. Rain or shine (hunt is outdoors, so dress appropriately). Raffle. Town Hall, 6904 Taylor St., Landover Hills.301-773-6401.

Two Day Boating Safety Course at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park

On Saturday and Sunday, April 13th and 14th, U.W. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 72 will teach a two day course of Boating Safety for future boaters, new boaters and experienced boaters interested in refreshing their skills. Class will meet from 12 noon until 4 pm both days. This class meets State requirements for anyone born after July 1, 1972 who wants to operate a powered vessel, including Personal Water Craft on Maryland Waters. It will be taught at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park.

Among the many subjects covered are: boat construction and terminology, boating laws, safety equipment, boat handling, basic knot skills, navigation, and trailering. The instructors are qualified members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, who are devoted to promoting recreational boating safety. Pre-Registration is required and seating is limited. The only cost is $25 for materials. To register, please contact Steve at 301-464-8083 after 9 am/ or Richard at 301-937-6952.

Senatorial Scholarships


Students who reside in the 22nd Legislative District, which includes Landover Hills, are encouraged to apply for a Senatorial Scholarship from the office of state Senator Paul G. Pinsky.

The scholarships are awarded yearly to undergraduates, including upcoming freshman, and graduate students. Criteria for selection is based on financial need and/or academic achievement.

Scholarships are awarded for four years or until the recipient completes his or her degree, whatever comes first. A Senatorial Scholarship cannot be held jointly with an Educational Assistance Grant.

Applications are available from Senator Pinsky's office at 301-858-3155. Applicants must also submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The deadline for submitting an application is April 15,, 2002.

Money for College! Prince George's County Muncipal Association (PGCMA) Scholarships

Are you a college student, about to be one, or do you know one? The PGCMA scholarship can help you pay for college if you 1) live in Prince George's County, 2) submit a complete application, and 3) have at lease a 2.0 GPA. Although the award amounts may vary, last year every applicant received $1000 toward college tuition. Any students who will be enrolled in college next year may apply, and preference will be given to students who live in municipalities (like Landover Hills!). For more information, pick up an application at Landover Hills Town Hall or contact the Chair of the PGCMA Scholarship Committee, Bob McGrory, at 301-927-7048.

Income Tax Information

When filing your income tax forms, please indicate that you reside in the Town of Landover Hills. Your subdivision number 1726, should appear on the forms, This allows the State of Maryland to share local income taxes with local governments. Your efforts will not increase your tax obligations but will ensure that Landover Hills receives its appropriate share.

Public Works Service Schedule


Grass and yard waste collection


PG County recycling collections

Town Household waste collection


Town Household waste collection

Bulk Trash: First and Third Wednesday's of the month


There is a $20.00 charge for the removal of appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, hot water heaters and air conditioning units. Payment must be made in advance of removal.

Code Enforcement

Spring is almost here. Soon trees will be budding, flowers blooming, and everyone will be spending more time outdoors. Spring is also the time we begin our code enforcement inspections throughout the Town.

The purpose of code enforcement is to keep Landover Hills an attractive community that does not give the appearance of being run down. When a community has junk cars, overgrown grass, peeling paint, etc.; it invites unwelcome visitors and crime. We 're not here to hassle but to help.

We would like to bring your attention to some of the things we look for when we drive through the Town. Try to do a self examination of your property and see if any of the items mentioned pertain to your home or property. If you find a violation and you are working on correcting it, please call and let us know. We will note it in our files and work with you.

If by chance you receive a letter or a violation notice, please note the compliance date. This is the date that the violation must be corrected by. If you need additional time, please call the office, we will work with you.

Things we look for:

1) Tall grass and weeds

2) Trash, debris and junk lying around the exterior of the house and in the yard. This includes the porch area.


UNTAGGED, JUNKED VEHICLES (if they are under a tarp or cover, they MUST BE TAGGED). If your vehicle is housed in Maryland you must have the vehicle registered in Maryland or you must have a non-resident parking permit from the Motor Vehicle Administration.

4) Peeling paint on windows, porches, exterior of the house, trim on the house, sheds and garages.

5) Erosion: areas that need

grass or ground cover planted to keep the soil from eroding.

6) Screens: did you know that you must have screens on open windows and doors?

7) Parking on the grassy areas of the yard. You must park in an improved driveway. This means the driveway must have gravel, asphalt or concrete. You cannot park in any grassy portion of your yard.

8) Cracked, curling, missing shingles on roofs.

9) Fences: Is your fence standing upright or is it about to fall down? If the fence is wood, are all of the boards intact or are they rotten or possibly missing?

10) Dead trees.

The Town Code covers many other areas, but the aforementioned are the violations that are cited most often.

Do you own a dog? Remember dogs and cats are required to be licensed with Prince George's County Animal Control and they must have their rabies shot. Don't forget the leash law! "It shall be unlawful for the owner or custodian of any animal to permit the animal to run at large or be at large". (printed from the summary of Prince George's County Animal Control Laws.

And for the final topping: Trash must be placed in a receptacle with a lid. If you need a new recycling bin, please call: 301-952-7630.

The Talking Badge

Chief Henry Norris

At the last meeting, a neighborhood complaint was made in reference to some possible illegal activity going on at 4103 70th Avenue. A prior complaint had been received and an investigation was started.. On February 28th at approximately 0645, a search and seizure warrant was executed by the Prince Georges' County Police Departments Narcotic Enforcement Division assisted by the Special Operations Division. Three occupants of the house were arrested for possession of Marihuana and some Marihuana was seized. This is something that should concern everyone in Landover Hills. One of the main reasons it was accomplished was the fact that a concerned resident brought it to your Police Departments attention and after an investigation was conducted, we were able to bring it to a close. Hopefully, the owners of the house will take notice that this type of activity will not and should not be allowed to occur in our Town.

We would like to again ask you, the residents to assist your Police Department by being our eyes and ears in the Town and contact us at 301-773-6400 with any information that you may have in reference to any illegal activity that is occurring in Town. If you call the above number and if no one is in the office, you can either leave a message on the recorder or you can call 301-333-4000 which is a direct number to the Prince Georges' County Police Department's switchboard. You then ask for a call taker and give them the information to have a police officer respond to either check whatever you are calling about or to take care of any complaint you may have. If there is a Landover Hills Police Department officer working, he would be given the call to handle. You should be mindful that your Police Department cannot see everything that is going on that may be of concern to you and with your assistance, we would be able to keep as much crime out of Landover Hills as possible. I would also like to let you know that in some cases, it takes more time to solve some complaints. So bear with us, as we will be trying our best to solve any problems with your help.


Classified Ads

The Town of Landover Hills is now accepting paid advertisements from local businesses. The cost of a 2"x 3" (1/3 column) ad is twenty dollars ($20.00) per publication. If you are interested in placing an ad, please call Town hall @ 301-773-6401, Monday through Friday, nine to five.

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