Landover Hills Chronicle
Landover Hills Newsletter December 2001

Letter From the Mayor

As the most joyous days of the holiday season approach and we move closer to the closing of another year, one might reflect back upon the events that have occurred this year. The events that I am sure would stand out would be those that occurred on the infamous day of September 11, 2001. Out of the great tragedy that occurred on that day has arisen a new spirit of patriotism and unity. It is my hope that this same spirit will continue as we progress forward through the days, months and years ahead.

There is at this time a need for the cooperation of all Town residents, in helping to insure that the Town of Landover Hills will continue to be one of the greatest places to live in Prince George's County.

It has been noted that cans and other items are being thrown in the medians by motorists who drive through Town. This is a Town and County infraction; anyone caught throwing cans or other items into the median strip can and will receive a citation; if any resident sees this occurring , we ask that the tag number and make of the automobile be reported to the Town Police. Also, Town traffic signs are being taken down or damaged by vandals and fires are being set in the park area. These criminal acts are both costly and dangerous. The Police are on high alert for anyone found engaging in these criminal acts. We ask that Residents immediately contact the Police if any of these activities are observed.

A final matter of concern which does not fit in any of the above activities, concerns leaves being raked or swept into the gutter at curbside. At the present time the Town does not have the necessary equipment to pick up leaves along the curbside; however, at some future date we hope to acquire this piece of equipment; until that time arrives, we ask that residents bag all leaves and do not rake or sweep leaves into the gutter along the curbside. Residents are also asked to sweep the curbside in front of their home.

It is necessary that these areas of concern be addressed. Thank you in advance fo your cooperation in this matter.

On behalf of the Town Council and Staff of the Town of Landover Hills, best wishes are extended to everyone for a safe and happy Holiday Season.

Mayor Lee P. Walker

Upcoming Meetings

Council Workshops

Monday, Jan 7, 2002@ 7 pm

Monday, Feb.4, 2002@ 7 pm

Town Meetings

Monday, Dec. 17, 2001 @ 7:30

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2002@ 7:30*

* Meeting night has been changed to Tuesday due to the Martin Luther King Holiday on the normally scheduled meeting date.

If you have a disability and require any aid, services or removal of barriers in order to fully participate in a Town of Landover Hills meeting or event please call Town Hall @ 301-773-6401.

Upcoming Events

.Breakfast with Santa will be held on Saturday, December 15, 2001 at 10 am at the Landover Hills Town Hall. Continental Breakfast, Visit with Santa and a surprise activity. Admission is $1.00 per person. Reservations are required. Please call 301-773-6401 for more information and to place your reservation.

Annual Holiday House Decorating Contest

This year the Holiday House Decorating Contest will be held on Saturday, December 15, 2001 beginning at 6 pm The 3 categories will be Best Overall, Most Creative and Most Traditional. Let's make this the brightest Christmas ever!

December Birthday Wishes

Gloria DeFreece 12/1

Trudie Kley 12/1

Jennifer Tavel 12/5

Joe Williams 12/8

Diadina Fraticelli 12/9

Mary Ellen Schick 12/11

Frances Motta 12/12

Joyce Muckelvene 12/12

Sallie Echols 12/15

Debbie Pilkerton 1217

James Britt 12/17

Martiza Fraticelli 12/18

Haywood Loftis 12/18

Pam Podmostko 12/21

Aileen O'Reilly 12/26

Thilaga Manuel 12/27

Nancy Pilkerton 12/29

Public Works Service Schedule

Grass and yard waste collection

PG County recycling collections

Town Household waste collection

Town Household waste collection

Bulk Trash: First and Third Wednesday's of the month


There is a $20.00 charge for the removal of appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, hot water heaters and air conditioning units. Payment must be made in advance of removal.

Fall Reminders
Leaves are to be bagged and put curbside for Monday pick-up.
Do not rake leaves in the street or gutters.

While you are raking your yard, take a few minutes and rake the leaves along the curb in front of your house. This will preventstorm drains from getting clogged with leaves and overflowing during heavy rains.

Snow Emergency Ordinance

On December 18, 2000, the Mayor and Council passed an Emergency Ordinance concerning street parking during snow storms. Below are the "highlights" of that Ordinance

Ordinance O-03-00

Emergency Ordinance

Town of Landover Hills

An Ordinance regulating temporary parking after a snowfall so that vehicles must be parked on one side of the street or as directed by Town personnel and further providing the authority to close streets temporarily for emergencies or construction.

Section 9802- Street Parking Regulations

(D)- snow

Whenever snow has accumulated in the streets of the town to a depth of one (1) inch or more, the following procedures apply to all vehicles parked or left to stand on the streets of the town:

1. On one-way streets or on streets with a median separating the travel lanes, vehicles must be a the right curb facing in the direction of travel in that lane.

2. On all streets other than those listed in sub-section one (1), vehicles must be parked on the odd-numbered side of the street.

3. Vehicles shall otherwise be parked or left as directed by the police or public works personnel.

4. Trailers, including boat-and-trailer and travel trailers must not be on any street unless the owner/lessor of the trailer is a resident of the town and can demonstrate that the owner/lessor has no off-street parking on the property in which the owner/lessee resides.

5. The provisions of this subsection 9802 (d) shall be effective without notification and shall remain in effect until the street is plowed; provided however that when snow shall accumulate to a depth of one (1) inch or more after 11 p.m. the provisions of the sub-title 9802 (d) shall not be effective until 7:00 a.m. on the day following and shall remain in effect until the street is plowed.

The Talking Badge

Chief Henry Norris

The holiday season is once again upon us and we will probably spend the next few weeks shopping and celebrating the various religious and non-religious times over December into the New Year. It is a wonderful time of the year, yet at the same time, it can place us in unfortunate circumstances. As we shop for gifts, etc., other, less scrupulous individuals, are on the look-out for prey to make victims of their criminal acts. Being aware and alert to that fact can prevent you from becoming their next victim. A few simple safeguards will minimize criminal opportunity and give you added safety during this holiday season.

1. When leaving your home, be sure to lock all doors and windows. (Don't leave Holiday gifts or packages where they can be seen from a window) If you plan to be out of town for the Holidays, arrange for someone to pick up your mail and newspapers. Take steps to make your home" lived in" while you are away and make sure you contact your Police Department to keep a check on your house while out of town.

2. While shopping, try to park your car in the most lighted area of the shopping center, lock your car, and try to only make one trip so you will not have to leave packages in your vehicle. If you must make more then one trip, make sure you lock any packages in your trunk. Pay very close to your surroundings when going to your car and if anything or anyone looks suspicious, try to have someone from either security or the store walk you to your car.

3. While shopping in stores, minimize the appearance of carrying a lot of cash. Suspects will be looking for persons displaying a lot of cash. If you must carry a purse, keep it secured around your body. If you are wearing a jacket, put it under your jacket over your shoulder. If at all possible, shop with others as there is safety in numbers.

4. Finally, be aware of persons and things around you. Be confident and alert about your surroundings. Above all, don't let fear replace the joy of the Holiday season....AS IT IS A WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.