Landover Hills Chronicle
Landover Hills Newsletter April 2002

Letter From the Mayor

For some time now there has been concern about motorists who drive at excessive speeds through Town. The Town of Landover Hills Police Department has been monitoring this situation by the use of radar and other measures. We have also been considering the use of traffic control devices such as humps or raised crosswalks as a means of slowing down motorists who exceed the speed limit. Within the next few weeks we hope to have installed raised crosswalks at specific locations throughout the Town as a means of addressing the matter of motorists who drive at excessive speeds.

In the January 2002 edition of the Landover Hills Chronicle Newsletter, the majority of the Letter From the Mayor article concerned redistricting and the newly formed 47th Legislative District in addition to outlining how this matter would affect the Town of Landover Hills.

During the February meeting, which was well attended, Mayor Lee P. Walker, announced his candidacy for the Maryland House of Delegates for the newly formed 47th Legislative District. As a follow-up to this announcement, a "Meet and Greet" affair will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2002, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at East West Lincoln Mercury, Inc., 7591 Annapolis Road, New Carrollton, Maryland . For further information, call 301-577-7302.

The monthly Town Meeting will be held on Monday, April 15, 2002, at 7:30 p.m. As usual, all are invited to come out and participate.

Mayor Lee P. Walker

Town Council Calendar

Council Workshops
Monday, May 6, 2002, 7 pm

Monday, June 3, 2002, 7 pm

Town Meetings

Monday, April 15, 2002, 7:30pm

Monday, May 20, 2002, 7:30pm

If you have a disability and require any aid, services or removal of barriers in order to fully participate in a Town of Landover Hills meeting or event, please call Town Hall at 301-773-6401.

Upcoming Meeting Agenda


Mosquito Spraying
West Nile virus is now considered endemic in Baltimore City, northeast Washington D.C., and bordering suburbs. The Town of Landover Hills falls within the area at risk for occurrence of the West Nile virus.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture, Mosquito Control Section, is considering re-instating limited spraying for adult mosquitoes in communities within the endemic area. This spraying would target West Nile virus vector mosquito species, including the Asian Tiger Mosquito. Please be aware, however that spraying for adult mosquitos will not eliminate Asian Tiger mosquito populations in the neighborhood. The best way to control this container breeding species is to get rid of any water-holding containers in yards throughout the area.

The Town of Landover Hills has agreed to participate in the limited spraying program, by the Department of Agriculture if it is started up again. All residents should be aware of the following:

1. Potential spraying will be done in the evening hours during the summer months.

2. Anyone who objects to the spraying must submit their name, address and phone number to the Town Hall ( The Town is required to send the list of objectors to the Maryland Department of Agriculture before any spraying can take place.

3. Anyone who has an ornamental fish pond or keeps bees, must also submit their name, address and phone number to the Town. The Town will forward this information to the Department of Agriculture as well.

4. The Town will post on Cable, the web page, and signs at the entrances to Town all scheduled spraying as soon as we are notified. The Mosquito Control Section of the Department of Agriculture will only give one day notice prior to the scheduled spraying, so check cable station 71, web page and look for signs at entrances often during the summer.

5. The Maryland Department of Agriculture's policy is to leave a 300 foot buffer around any spray objector. The only exception to this policy would be if the County Health Officer requests spraying in an area due to a disease situation.

I f you have any questions, please call Town Hall at 301-773-6401.

Upcoming Events


St. Mary's Home & School Association is hosting a Basket Bingo on April 28 from 2-5 p.m.; doors open at 1:00. Admission is $15.00-must be 18 years or older. This event is being held in the parish Burgundy Room (handicapped accessible). E-mail: or visit

Neighborhood News

Our condolences are extended to the family of Elsie Mae Godfrey, of Webster Street, who passed away on March 20, 2002. She leaves behind two children, Elizabeth Mudd and John Godfrey III, two grand daughters, Kimberly and Karen Mudd, and a host of family and friends who will miss her.

Easter Egg Hunt Winners

Ages 0-2

Andy Dabbs- Gold & Silver Eggs

Ages 3-5

Sean Dabbs- Gold Egg

Riah Proctor- Silver Egg

Ages 6-9

Kiana Lawrence- Gold Egg

Amber Twinam- Silver Egg

Ebony Lawrence- Extra Silver Egg

Ages 10-12

Kenny Pierson-Gold & Silver Eggs

Ages 13 & Up

Amanda Tavel- Gold Egg

Dee Twinam- Silver Egg

Raffle Winners

Big Bunny- Joey Simmons

Easter Basket- Shauna Hood

Join New Hope Aquatic Center
Public Service Announcement

Enclosed in this newsletter is an application for the New Hope Aquatic Center. We are conveniently located in your own back yard and a fraction of the cost of most private swim clubs. Our membership fees are very affordable at $260 per family, $135 for singles and $100 for senior citizens. Our hours are Monday through Sunday, 12:00 noon-9:00 p.m. Your membership helps support building a strong neighborhood and provides invaluable recreational activities for your family.

Public Works Service Schedule


Grass and yard waste collection.


PG County recycling collections.

Town Household waste collection.


Town Household waste collection.

Bulk Trash: First and Third Wednesday's of the month.


There is a $20.00 charge for the removal of appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, hot water heaters and air conditioning units. Payment must be made in advance of removal.

Bicycle Riding

Bicyclists should be aware that the laws about stopping at stop signs apply to them, too. Parents, please warn your children to observe the stop signs when they are riding bicycles around Town.

The Talking Badge

By Chief Henry G. Norris Jr.

The Landover Hills Police Department will be participating in the Maryland Chief's Challenge this year. This purpose of this program is to increase the public's awareness and use of safety belts and child safety seats. Enforcement of Maryland's safety belt and child safety seat laws will be the focal point of this program, which is designed to reduce loss of life and injuries. Therefore, officers of the Landover Hills Police Department will be strictly enforcing seat belt and child safety seat use. If you would like to have information on the proper use of safety seats or seat belts, please call 301-773-6400 and leave your name and address ,or stop by the Town Hall, Monday through Friday, from 9 am until 5 pm. to pick up a flyer.

We need your help to catch motorists who drive around school buses which have on their red flashing lights while loading or unloading children. If you witness a motorist doing this, please take down the tag number, and the date, time and location of the incident and report it to us at 301-773-6400.

Motorists who drive through stop signs or do not come to a complete stop at them are another constant problem. Motorists must stop completely at every stop sign. Those who don't are warned that officers will be stepping up their enforcement of this violation by issuing citations instead of warnings.

Classified Ads

The Town of Landover Hills is now accepting paid advertisements from local businesses. The cost of a 2"x 3" (1/3 column) ad is twenty dollars ($20.00) per publication. If you are interested in placing an ad, please call Town Hall @ 301-773-6401, Monday through Friday, nine to five.