Landover Hills Chronicle
Landover Hills Newsletter November 2000

Letter From the Mayor

A good time was had by all who attended the annual Landover Hills Halloween party on Friday, October 27, 2000. Thanks to Town Manager Kathy Tavel, and Administrative Assistant Juanita Hood, who played a major role in coordinating activities; also Councilmembers William Kley and Mike Thompson in addition to Vice Mayor Jeannette Ripley who participated in activities, Corporal Peter Jensen and Officer Andrew Gue of the Landover Hills Police Department; Mr. Robert Frazier and other Landover Hills Public Works staff members, and everyone else who participated in this activity.

The Public Safety Forum held on Wednesday, October 18, 2000, at Town Hall was a successful event. Invited guests who made presentations during the Forum were Judges Julie B. Weatherly and Dwight D. Jackson of the Circuit Court of Maryland, Prince George's County Councilmember Thomas R. Hendershot, Captain Tanner and Lieutenant Danz of the Maryland State Police, Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Pollock and Captain Roberto Hylton, of the Prince George's County Police, Mr. George Catloth of the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission; and a presentation by Landover Hills Police Chief, Henry Norris, Jr.

Very beneficial information was provided regarding the Circuit Court's Juvenile Justice System, methods of combating crime, including a local vicinity community center where wholesome activities could be made available for all area residents.

Several days after the Public Safety Forum, I talked with Town Residents who informed me that they were looking forward to attending the Public Safety Forum, however, they received the "Landover Hills Chronicle" after the event was over. Upon checking into the matter I found that the Chronicle was late reaching residents because of a problem in the Postal System. I talked with a Postal official who assured me that the problem would be corrected. Aside from this matter the Public Safety Forum was a very successful event.

The next Town Meeting will be held on Monday, November 20, 2000, come out and participate.

                                                                                                    Mayor Lee P. Walker





Town Council Calendar

Council WorkshopsMonday, December 4, 2000 @ 7 pm

Tuesday, January 2, 2000 @ 7 pm*

Town Meetings

Monday Nov. 20 ,2000 @ 7:30 pm

Monday, Dec. 18, 2000 @7:30 pm

*Note: Meeting date is on a Tuesday due to the New Years Day Holiday.


If you have a disability and require any aid, services or removal of barriers in order to fully participate in a Town of Landover Hills meeting or event please call Town Hall @ 301-773-6401.

Workshop Notes

Auditors- Mr. Jim Lindsey from the auditing firm of Lindsey & Salita gave a presentation to the Mayor and Council on the recently completed AnnualTown audit. He stated that the Town received a clean opinion which is the highest opinion given.

Personnel Rules- The Mayor and Council reviewed the changes to the proposed Personnel Rules made by the Town Attorney in conjunction with the Town Manager and Police Chief. The Mayor and Council continue to review the Personnel Rules and hope to have them ready by the beginning of the year.

RedLight Camera Update- Town Attorney Richard Colaresi brought the Mayor and Council up to date on the progress on the red Light Camera installation. He discussed the various options of paying for the installation. The Mayor and Council agreed to contract with the installer, DJR, for installation.

A motion was by Vice Mayor Jeannette Ripley to authorize the Mayor to sign the contract with DJR for the installation of Red Light Cameras in the amount of $40, 000 - $44,000.Councilmember Roderick Kennedy seconded the motion. All voted aye and the motion was carried. The approximate date for installation of the cameras is January 1st.

Road Work- Town Manager Tavel stated the road work in Town had begun. The work that is scheduled to be completed is as follows:

Concrete Work


Any work not completed due to a change in weather will be finished next year.


Upcoming Events

U.S. Navy Commodores- Nov. 29 @ the Inn and Conference Center, University of Maryland. 8 p.m. Free

Community College Concert- December 11 @ 8 pm. Featuring the music of students and concert choir in a special holiday performance. PG Community College, Largo FREE. For more info call 301-322-0955.

Candlelight Tours- Dec. 1-3-Marietta House Museum, Glenn Dale. Decorations from Civil War, federal and late Victorian eras, live music, storyteller, Civil War Santa and light refreshments. ($) 6-8:30 p.m. 301-464-5291.

Holiday Tea- December 7 & 28; Belair Mansion, Bowie- 4 p.m. ($) 301-809-3089.


Town Hall Closings

Town Hall will be closed on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. There will be NO TRASH PICK-UP ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24.


November Birthday Wishes

Walter Churaman 11/1

Althea Bullock 11/4

Herbert Bullock 11/9

Akram Grooms 11/13

Jack Mitchell 11/18

Chiofa Schick 11/22

Annette Schomisch 11/23

Rhonda Grooms 11/23

Ronald Muklevene 11/27

Robert Gonsalves 11/29


Halloween PartyCostume Contest Winners

Ages 0-4

1st Place Samantha Twinam

2nd Place Lamar Contreras

3rd Place Riah Proctor

Ages 5-8

1st Place Amber Twinam

2nd Place Brian Owens

3rd Place Tie Robert Proctor

Madison Plummer

Ages 9-12

1st Place Jason Rogers

2nd Place Kevin Walker

3rd Place Tashea Plummer

Ages 13-16

No participants

Ages 17 and over

Tie for First Place

Laura Hood and Annie Hood



The next Town election will be held on Tuesday May 8, 2001. One Council seat from each Ward will be up for election. Petitions will be available after February 7, 2001. More detailed information will be in the January newsletter.

Deck the Halls

Annual Holiday House Decorating Contest


This year the Holiday House Decorating Contest will be held on Saturday, December 23, 2000 beginning at 7 pm. The 3 categories will be Best Overall, Most Creative and Most Traditional.


The Talking Badge

The holiday season is now upon us and I know that all of you will begin preparations for Thanksgiving. Also, the Christmas season is just around the corner and I know that this means a lot of shopping and leaving your home unattended for long periods of time.

During this time, criminals will be looking to take advantage of those who fail to protect their property.

Try to keep the following tips in mind during the up and coming holiday season.

1. When leaving your home, either visiting, shopping or going away, be sure to lock all doors and windows. If you plan to be out of town for the holidays, plan to have someone pick up your mail and newspapers. Take steps to make your home look "lived in" while you are away and notify the Town Police to keep a check on your residence. Place either lights or a radio on a timer while you are out. Don't give someone the chance to go shopping in your residence while you are gone.

2. While shopping, try to park your vehicle in a lighted area as close to busy entrances as possible. Be sure to close the windows and lock the doors. If you have packages or valuables, please keep these items in the trunk. Do not leave any valuable items out in the open. If you see someone suspicious hanging around your vehicle, don't approach. Go to a phone and call the police or the shopping center security. When approaching your vehicle, have your keys ready and once in your vehicle, lock the doors.

3. While shopping in stores, minimize the appearance of carrying a lot of cash. Suspects will watch for persons that appear to be carrying large sums of money. If you must carry a purse, keep it close to you. Do not leave it in a shopping cart as you travel around in a store. If possible, shop with a friend or relative since there is safety in numbers. Remember, you are there to have a good time and not be a victim.

4. Finally, be aware of things around you. Appear confident and alert about your surroundings and do not let yourself be distracted.

Above all, don't let fear replace the joy of the holidays and holiday shopping..It can be a wonderful time of the year. Remember, your police department will do everything possible to assist with a safe, prosperous and protected Holiday Season.